"I believe in manicures. I believe in overdressing. I believe in primping at leisure and wearing lipstick. I believe that laughing is the best calorie burner. I believe in kissing; kissing a lot. I believe in being strong when everything seems to be going wrong. I believe that happy girls are the prettiest girls. I believe that tomorrow is another day, and I believe in miracles."- Audrey Hepburn

Jun 20, 2013

Post-Grad Adventures

So one of my friends has commented that I only write on my blog when I am stressed, or have problems with my relationships. As a result, my blog is pretty much depressing all the time. After hearing that, I thought to myself, do I really want my blog to be just a place to vent? It should be a journal of my life and things that happen, happy or sad, so whenever I go through it again it'll feel like reliving the memories

Now that I'm done with my undergrad career (yay me!) and my life has somewhat calmed down a little bit, I can have time to listen to my favorite 8tracks playlist and write about the past few crazy weeks. In case you want to be in the same mood as I am while writing this entry, here's the link to the playlist ;)

I'm going to skip senior week and Graduation week because there were just too many things going on. It was a blur. The only thing that I am absolutely sure was that it did not feel like I was graduating the entire time. Hell, I still don't feel like I have graduated now.

Graduated, finally.
A few days after my graduation, I hopped off the plane at LAX ;) This is my first time in California. I was so excited to leave dreadful Rochester weather and all the worries about jobs, housing, money, etc. behind and to get ready for two weeks full of fun and sun. My first stop was to visit Brian (even though he was staying with me for a week before that). We spent most of the days just catching up, exploring and watching movies. It was nothing exciting but I enjoyed every moment of it.

This photo pretty much sums up our lives for three days
It was then time for me and Wai Ling to get to our hotel and get ready for Sigma National Convention. After being active for three years, this was my very first convention. What can I say, whenever there are more than three Sigmas together, it's fun time. We spent days exploring Santa Monica, shopping, trying out food, tanning in the sun, and just doing silly things. I have always enjoyed traveling and exploring new places but having fun people to do it with me makes the experience ten times better. I also got to see Kenji, one of the PDPsi brothers that I was close with for some odd reason. I always like the feeling of having someone who is actually excited to see me again. Every time I hang out with Kenji, it feels like there should not be any worries in the world. One of the things I really appreciate about being a part of Sigma is that not only I have my sisters everywhere but I also get to know people from other organizations from everywhere. Being a social butterfly as I am, I love that feeling. Kenji took me to a few bars and clubs for the first few nights I was there. The clubbing scene here is so different than how it is in New York. I thought it felt kind of weird as first but I came to enjoy it.

Time flew by fast since we were so busy and were constantly on the go. All my muscles were hurting by the end of the third day of convention, partially because of all the activities that we had at the Sigmas Game. I also tried to work on my tan but apparently, California sun ain't got nothing on me. While everyone is dying with sunburnt, my skin didn't even change color .... Story of my life.

Before I realized, I was sitting in my best friend's car reminiscing about our old days. I haven't seen this guy for more than 5 years and it felt so strange now that we are all grown up. Well, that was the beginning of the best week of vacation that I've been on recently. 10 years of friendship does make a difference. I am not sure if there is anyone else who understands me as much as this guy and treats me as well as him. We went to movies, had meals with friends, watched the sunset, and did tons of other things. He knew how to pick food and places that I enjoy. He got me Starbucks every morning, prepared breakfast and lunch before he went to work and let me fall asleep on car rides back after long days. He actually made me think to myself that I actually deserve to be treated this way and anyone who wants to be boyfriend should get to at least 75% of his level. We'll see how that goes *laugh*. I also enjoyed seeing other friends from middle school that I had not seen for ages, including my crush in 8th grade. Haha, he still looks at gorgeous and is still as charming as ever. If only ;)

My favorite pic of us 
I think the best part of my trip was Disneyland. Everyone who knows me knows how much of a Disney fanatic I am. I have been excited about this even before I got on the plane to Cali. It was like the childhood experience that I never had and you know, being a kid is always fun. I truly and fully enjoyed every moment of it from the morning until night falls. Everything was magical and I felt like I could not be happier. No wonder why everyone says that Disneyland is the happiest place on earth.

Let's be young all over again
Soon enough, it was the last day of my stay :( We made use of all the time that we had and made a short trip to San Diego, only after we stopped at an adorable boat house for brunch. I really like San Diego as a city, much better than other parts of Cali that I've been too. Every other place is too slow and I miss that fast-pace, busy feeling of the East Coast. San Diego has more of the big city feeling so I like it a little bit better. Moving here though is another story.

I was so tired by the end of my short but sweet trip that I slept through the entire flight back to Rochester, then slept through the next three days with the exception of waking up for dinners only. I was being such a bum, haha.

Shortly after I got back to Rochester, I set off to Michigan with Sierrah to help her move into her apartment. At this point, my housemates have agreed that I actually don't live in the house because I run off to other states every chances I get. I wish my life could be that way. A week of relaxing (that involved lots of moving and furniture shopping) passed by and sadly but surely, it was time for me to settle down and start my stable summer life.

As much as I miss my house from last summer, I'm sure this summer will be a great one too and I'm looking forward to lots of adventures, and lots of sun :)